Mason Family

The Mason Family line is my Mom's Dad's side.  I have been working on it the least amount of time, and in addition it being a much more common name, I haven't made much progress on researching this family branch.

Not much more I can say about that.

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My Grandfather - Papa - Jim Mason, passed away in 1979, when I was not yet 12 years old.

I knew he had two sisters, Geneva and Gertrude, because we'd go down to Atlanta to visit them every so often.  They lived on, I think it was, Grant Street, pretty much or right across the street from each other.

I'm not sure at what point I knew they were his sisters. It wasn't any dawning moment. Actually I really only knew that Geneva was his sister, and then Marvin & Gertrude were his brother and sister. Family was family, it didn't matter if the brother was by marriage rather than blood.
Eventually at some point I came to understand the family concepts of "by blood" and "by marriage".

I also knew Papa had children other than my mother and her sisters and brother. I didn't understand it, and didn't question it, it was just was.  
The first I recall of knowing about his other children was when we went to the funeral of his son, Jr (Junior), who was killed in a truck-driving accident. Like his father, he drove big trucks for a living.

Then sometime later I met Dave, his other son, when he came to work on the plumbing of the house my Grandparents lived in. I assume he was a plumber by trade, but I'm not sure.

Eventually I learned Papa was divorced from his first wife, and her name was Johnnie Mae...don't know her maiden last name.

When I started doing family geneaology, which was many years after Papa's death, I asked my Grannie Papa's parents names. She said she knew his mother had been Sylvie Thackston (Thaxton), but all she knew about his daddy was that they called him Blooth, and he had died when Papa was about 2 or 3 years old.
She told me Papa had been born in Whitfield County, Georgia. And that there was an older, half sister called Aunt Addie Lacey who had did most of his raising while their mother worked to make them a living.

My Grandparents met after Grannie, Carrie Mae Queen, had left home to go to Atlanta to find work. 
Geneva owned a huge (it looked huge to a little girl anyway) 3-story boarding house, where Carrie and her friend that had gone to The City with her (Pauline Hamby?), ended up living.
One day, Geneva's brother, Jim, had come over and they met there.


Later Grannie gave me Papa's Birth Certificate. It wasn't made at the time of his birth, but was a Delayed one, applied for at a later date, sometime after he was already an adult.  The bad thing about these birth certs is, they say whatever information you (the applicant) say to be true, whether it was or not.   It also gives very little information, nothing much more than his name, birthdate and county of birth.  No parents names.

His birth certificate reads that his name was James Blufford Mason.

For reasons unknown to anyone, he had always gone by James Luther Mason. So it wasn't until seeing his birth cert that I understood why his father was called Blooth.

My next step was Research & Notes.


             I. Bluford/Blufford Burn Mason b. July 4, 1841, GA d. May 5, 1907
Sylvia LouCity Thackston/Thaxton b. June 19, 1866  d. Dec 14, 1943
*The above dates were provided by some else and are not confirmed by birth certificate nor cemetary tombstone.

                   1. LouGenie (Geneva) Mason
                   2. James B. Mason   b. May 18, 1905, Whitfield Co, GA d. Aug 22, 1979
                   3. Gertrude Mason            

                    2. James B. Mason   b. May 18, 1905, Whitfield Co, GA d. Aug 22, 1979
                        Carrie Mae Queen      b. Jan. 28, 1920, Cobb County, GA d. Dec. 9, 1999

                       James Mason married Carrie Queen on June 15, 1946 in Clayton County, GA.

                       - Diane Mason
                       - Dollie Mason
                       - Rita Mason
                       - Robert Mason