* The 1860 Cherokee County NC census says John Queen was born in Burke County, NC...however, it also says his wife Katherine/Catherine was born in Burke County, NC, when in the rest of the census records, her children list their Mother as having been from Georgia.
So, not sure if the Burke County is wrong, or if the later census's are wrong. If she wasn't from Burke County, he may not have been either.  But without more proof to the contrary, I am having to lean towards it being correct in the meantime.

IF John was born in Burke County, NC in ca. 1829....a check of the 1830 Burke County, NC census shows only William Queen with a male in the home of the correct age. (As different as his age is through the years, he could have been born after 1830. I was going on the basis that it's not always easy to remember how old you are, but you might know the year you were born if asked, which they did in the 1900 census.)

* I think John A. Queen married and moved to Fannin County, GA sometime between 1870 and 1880.
   1880 Fannin County, GA Census
      John A. Queen  age 26   b. GA
      Nancy A.                38  
      Catherine                7
      William H.                6
      Addie I.                   0 (9months)
      Virginia                   67  Mother-in-law  (listed as last name being Queen ?)
      ? Ginsey ?               36  Sister     (listed as last name being Queen ?)
      George A.               11  Nephew  (listed as last name being Queen ?)   

* Mary Louisa Queen married M.M. Louis on August 17, 1879 in Clay County, NC

* Martha Elizabeth Queen married Jason Henson* on October 17, 1878 in Clay County, NC. *

        *Jason Henson is the son of Edmund and Lucinda Ledford Henson. According to an article in the Clay County Heritage book, Edmund and Lucinda had an 'adopted' daughter named Mary Ann Queen, born January 14, 1876.  I think is probably John & Katherine's youngest daughter.

* Manerva Queen married M.L. Kimsey, son of David A. and Sarah A. Kimsey, on September 16, 1885 in Clay County, NC.

*1860 Cherokee Co, NC Census -
John Queen 27 b. Burke Co, NC
Catharine Queen 26 b. Burke Co, NC
Mary L Queen 6 b. Union Co, GA
John A. Queen 5 b. Union Co, GA
Elizabeth 3 b. Union Co, GA
Mary K Queen 1 b. Union Co, GA (Name changed? This is Minerva)

1870 Union Co, GA Census -
John Queen 37
Louisa 17
John A. 15
Elizabeth 13
Manerva 11
Buchead 9
Posey 6 (Male)

- Catherine wasn't in the home in 1870, she probably died.

1880 Clay Co, NC Census -
John Queen 53 or 55
Manerva 20 daughter
Bank 17 son
Merry Ann 6 daughter

- Posey isn't in the home in 1880, died early?
- Merry (Mary) Ann was born ca 1874, or 1876

I believe there's a possiblity John Queen married Cealy Jenkins on April 20, 1871, in Union Co, GA, or if not her, then someone, and that wife was the mother of Mary Ann....and also passed away, prior to the 1880 Census.

How did Mary Ann end up as the adopted daughter of Edmond and Lucinda Ledford Henson?
Mary Ann's older sister, Martha Elizabeth, married Edmond and Lucinda's son, Jason Henson. Maybe she spent time with them, considered them her grandparents?

Mary Ann appears in both 1880 census for her father, John's, h/h, and Edmund and Lucinda "Hanson" h/h.
Jason J. and Martha E. "Hanson" live next door to his parents Edmund and Lucinda. Martha E. is Mary Ann's older sister. Hence, "adopted" grandparents.