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Research & Notes

After questioning Grannie about what she knew of Papa's family, I began my research by searching census records. Interspersed along the way came Cousin Notes, when word got around the grapevine that I was doing research.

On this page I'll list my own researching notes, thoughts, and theories.....but when I need to reference a separately listed record or note I will include a link to the page where the record or note can be found.

In order to try to lessen the confusion somewhat, I am trying to list the info in date order as much as possible.  It's not neccessarily the way I found the information, so if I reference something in "the future", that's why.


Given that the Blufird Mason had children all under the age of 10 in the 1880 census, I went on the assumption that he might not have yet been married in 1870, and might have still been living at home with his parents or with a sibling.

Therefore, I checked every Mason name and in every (white) Mason household in both Georgia and South Carolina for 1870.

Otherwise I found these:

1870 Wake County, NC  (I'm thinking Not)
B.B. Mason    age 25
Sarah                  28
Isabell                  8
Caroline                6
Will                       2

1870 Texas County, MO  (I thought not, but taking in consideration the Civil War records, where Bluford swore oath of allegiance in Louisville, KY then was taken to be released north of the Ohio River, it could be possible.)
Edward Wheeler      age 27    b. GA
Mary                             20        NC
Geo                         7 or 2        IN
Isabel                       2/12         MO
B.B. Mason                   30         SC


The first  I find a census record for a Blufford Mason of approximately the correct age is in the 1880 Jackson County, GA census. I have no idea if this *my* Blufford Mason or not, but fits according to info gleaned from Cousin Notes.

1880 Jackson County, GA Newtown 253 Dist GM June 24, 1880

#596? 60??
Blufird B. Mason        W M  age 39    Works on farm          GA/GA/(blank)
Phebia C.                                28    Wife              *Index reads Phylis C.
R ?   E.                                     7    Daughter      *Index reads Frances E.
Mary L.                                     6    Daughter
Eliza C.                                     4    Daughter
Ada C.                                      2    Daughter      *Index reads Ida C.
Annie (M? W?)                           1    Daughter


No 1890 Census


I found *a* Silvey Mason in the 1900 Cherokee County, GA census, listed as James H. Mason's sister-in-law.  Very confusing! 
Until Cousin Notes told me she was first married to a nephew of Bluford's.

Since she was James H. Mason's sister-in-law, we can conclude James H. was also a nephew of Bluth's.

(Need Census Copy) 1900 Cherokee County, GA Census M 1015 GM District  June 20, 1900
James H. Mason    b. Jan 1870   age 30     m'd 5 years                   GA/GA/GA
Martha J.                  Apr 1872         28     Wife 3 children-3living    GA/GA/GA
Maryl J.                    Jan 1897           3      Daughter                       GA/GA/GA
Dolly                       Sep 1897          2      Daughter                        GA/GA/GA
Louisa                     Apr 1900      2/12      Daughter                       GA/GA/GA
Silvey                     Jun 1864          35      Sis-in-law  Single  1 child-1 living  GA/GA/GA
Anne (or Anna) M.    May 1896          4      Neice                                          GA/GA/GA

Also in the 1900 Cherokee County, GA census I found a Bluford Mason and a few other Masons of interest:

Crossroads Dist.
Benjamin Howard       age 70
Loucie Jane                      64      Wife
Annie C.                          42     Daughter
Bluford Mason     b. July 1840   age 59     Laborer    Widowed      GA/GA/GA

Also in the Crossroads Dist (next door to Mariel Mason)
Frank Dowda              age 35
Bell                                  38      Wife
(and assorted children)
Bluth Mason      b. Dec. 1880    age 19   Laborer    Single      GA/GA/GA

(WWI Draft Registration card lists Blufford Burns Mason, born Dec. 2, 1881, of Ball Ground, Cherokee Co, GA.  Cousin Notes has it that Addie, my Bluford's known daughter, had a cousin named Bluth.  This Bluth lived in a h/h next door to Merrill, so he could have been Merrill's son.  I think what is throwing me off is that this Bluth is living with another family, rather than his own, the same as Blufford and all his daughters are living spread out with other familys. So he could have been Blufford's son. Except he is only 6 months younger than Jane, living with her sister and brother-in-law Turley.  We pretty much know she's the daughter, so I guess that means he's pretty much not Blufford's son.)
(This Bluth, born Dec. 1880, could be a different Blufford altogether.)

Also in the Crossroads Dist
Margrett Pruitt            age 52    Widowed
Odis                                22    Son
Ida Mason       b. July 1878      age 21     Servant     Single   GA/GA/GA

Also in the Crossroads Dist
Mariel Mason     b. May 1838   age 62  m'd 34 years             SC/SC/SC
Sarah A.               Feb 1851          49  Wife    11 children-9 living
Dora                    Feb 1883          17   Daughter
Hugh                    Apr 1888          12   Son
Sealig?                 June 1890          9   Daughter

*Merrell Mason married Sarah Thackston  on November 25, 1866 in Cherokee County, GA.

*Sarah I believe was the daughter of Banister B. and Phebe Thackston.
*Banister and Phebe Thackston were the parents of Charles Thackston, who married Terracy Martin.   
*Charles and Terracy Thackston were the parents of Banister Thackston and Silvey Thackston.
*Sarah had a sister named Phebe C. who was 17 years old in 1870 (could she be the same Phebia as Blufird's wife in 1880 Jackson Co, GA?).  

Little River District
William I. Woods                   age 53
Malinda C.                                   63    Wife    
Addie Mason     b. Nov. 1883   age 16   Boarder    Single     GA/GA/GA

In the 1015 GM Dist (same area as Silvey Mason in the h/h of James H. Mason)
James H. Turley    b. Apr 1874 age 26   m'd 5 yrs.                          GA/GA/GA
Eliza                        Nov 1875       24   Wife  2 children-2living       GA/SC/GA
Betty                       Aug 1896         3   Daughter
Pearl                       July 1899   11/12   Daughter
Jane Mason              Jun 1880        19   Sis-in-law      Single            GA/SC/GA

*Being James Turley's Sis-in-law most likely means Jane is Eliza's sister, therefore Eliza is nee Mason.  I figure these are Bluford's daughter; the only confusion coming from them listing their father as having been born in SC.

Although James H. Mason lists his parents as having been born in GA, we might figure he is the son of Mariel/Merrell Mason because he named his daughter Maryl.

Backtracking to the 1880 Cherokee County, GA census, Little River Dist., we can see Merrell Mason's family as listed:
Merrell Mason    age 40              SC/SC/SC
Sarah                     39   Wife
Martha C.                12   Daughter
James                     10   Son
William                     8    Son
Mary V.                    6    Daughter
Sarah J.                   1    Daughter
Phebie Thaxton       64    Wife's Mother 

In 1900, Sarah claims to have had 11 children, and 9 were still living. If James is their son, then we know James' brother is one of the deceased children of Merrell and Sarah. (Right?)
There are 5 children listed in this census, and 4 in the 1900 census, leaving 2 unknown to us children.

We see in the 1900 census that Sylvie is 5 years older than James. James was the oldest son, at age 10...Silvey would have been 15-16 at this point.  William is the next oldest son at age 8...a difference of 7-8 years between him and Silvey.
Any more sons would have been born after 1880, which would make Silvey at least 15-16 years older. I see several fellows marrying older women, but not usually that much older.
So, my theory at this point, was that Silvey's first husband was William Mason, son of Merrell and Sarah Thackston Mason.  


I knew my Papa was born in 1905 in Whitfield County, GA, so hoping they didn't move from the area too quickly, I began my search in 1910 Whitfield County, GA.

1910 Whitfield County, GA Census for Silvey L. Mason

Silvey L. Mason          age 43   widowed    4 children - 4 living    GA/SC/SC
Lou G.                               8   daughter                                   GA/GA/SC
James B.                           4   son                                           GA/GA/SC
Ula G.                               2   daughter                                    GA/GA/SC